Further Information

Climb For Veterans has a simple goal, to provide Service Dogs for veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD, or those wounded in combat who would benefit from having a canine companion. Any funds raised that does not go to the training and care of Service Dogs will be used for homeless vets, or military commemorative projects in Wellington County and Waterloo Region. These projects could include restoration of existing or the building of new monuments, plaques, murals, planting trees, grave site flags, signs, etc. 

We encourage other groups to organize Climb For Veterans fundraisers to help provide Service Dogs for veterans and first responders, assist homeless vets, and pay for military commemorative projects in your area. Please use the contact page to let us know if you have any questions. Your event could possibly be housed on a separate page of this website; we'll work together to make this grow.


"Suicide, addiction, depression, uncontrollable rage, broken families - these are often the results of military members suffering from PTSD, whether currently serving or retired. When we join the military, we experience dire circumstances, tragic waste, and the worst of humanity, but also great victories, deep comradeship, and the satisfaction of noble service. Everyone changes while serving, and everyone deals with the challenges in different ways. For those who are horribly affected, there may be a lifetime of suffering from PTSD. I believe there is something about the companionship of horses and dogs that is good for the hearts of people, and while not everyone can get out regularly for a ride on a horse, most can share their life with a dog. To my sisters and brothers in arms, retired or serving, if you are suffering, get help, adopt a dog, or apply for a Service Dog."

Robert S. Fleming CD, Climb For Veterans founder